Personalized services tailored to distinct industry demands.

COORS Leadership Capital is renowned for service quality and integrity that rests upon decades of experience connecting complex organizations with the leaders and process efficiencies integral to success.

Our clients include healthcare organizations and academic institutions nationwide. With a service-driven approach to our client’s needs, we understand the unique perspectives of these industries. We develop performance and operational strategies that foster improvements in service value and profitability.

COORS Leadership Capital wants to thank our hardworking and selfless nurses for all the work they do. We appreciate the commitment and sacrifice you provide each and every day! #nurseappreciationweek

It’s vital that your organization's leaders perpetuate cohesion and performance. At COORS, our experienced team of certified behavioral analysts deliver training programs that strengthen your leadership teams and cultivate skills in emerging leaders.

A successful leader reflects the culture and strategic direction of the organization. COORS Executive Coaching provides your leadership with resources that enhance organizational effectiveness by building team cohesiveness and behavioral competencies. coorsleadership photo

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website and brand. Welcome to COORS Leadership Capital. The same exceptional service and results you expect from COORS Healthcare Solutions, with a new vision for the future.

Visit our new site today!
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#HIRING: COORS is seeking a Director of Patient Experience for St. Mary Medical Center in Langhorne, PA. The ideal candidate must possess a comprehensive knowledge of Patient Experience management and practices. Apply today! coorsleadership photo

According to a new report, #healthplans of the future will be digitally empowered, consumer-centric experiences, focused on wellness. #Amazon and #Google are taking an interest in the healthcare space:
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