Operational and Financial Consulting

With over 20 years of experience in assisting organizations to reach their full potential, our expertise aligning leadership teams with operational goals has created ongoing success for our clients. Our operational experts are able to accurately assess various dimensions of your organization and create informed strategies that improve your bottom line and quality of service.

At COORS, our goal is to create operational strategies that support High-Reliability Organization methodologies and profitability. To learn more about increasing the reliability and efficiency of your organization, contact a COORS professional today.

Operational and Financial Consulting Services


Develop infrastructure strategies that increase efficiency and service quality.


Examine financial performance and identify opportunities to increase profitability.


Assess every dimension of your organization to find profit margin and performance improvements.

Workflow Process

Analyze processes and outcomes that capitalize on organizational strengths.

Cultural Alignment

Align culture with operational goals to instill the HRO mindset from top to bottom.


Analyze quality metrics to improve outcomes.

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