Executive Search

At COORS, we do more than fill open positions, we find long-term leaders who align with an organization’s culture and act as a guiding force for continued success. For more than 20 years, our team has connected some of the nation’s top healthcare organizations, and academic institutions with exceptional leaders who have the intellectual, communication, emotional intelligence, and developmental skills that take organizations from good to great!

With a proven process for candidate selection and placement, each individual is thoroughly evaluated to ensure they have the appropriate expertise to accomplish organizational goals while becoming a cohesive member of existing leadership teams. The COORS approach is anchored on our reputation of quality and integrity and has helped organizations dramatically reduce recruiting costs and cycle times while delivering sought-after talent that raises the bar for impactful leadership.

The results speak for themselves:


95% of COORS searches are filled within 90-120 days.


98% of our placed candidates stay with our client for two or more years.


97% of our business is from repeat engagement with satisfied clients.

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