Prescription for Physician Recruitment

According to MGMA, the average cost of physician turnover is $250k, not counting lost revenue. COORS is an industry leader in recruiting exceptional physician talent and developing world-class proven retention programs that increase physician engagement and satisfaction.

COORS Rx is an in-house recruitment training program created from our proven approach. The program provides guaranteed results through the collaborative development of a strategic recruitment and retention plan.

Using COORS Rx, we will help your organization:

  • Conduct a physician needs assessment
  • Identify recruitment goals
  • Educate and mentor your recruitment team on effective sourcing strategies and candidate screening methodology
  • Build a customized recruitment strategy and step-by-step process that creates a blueprint for every search
  • Develop guidelines for search team communications and conducting constructive interviews
  • Establish best practices for closing the search and welcoming your new physicians on board

COORS Rx provides distinct competitive advantages aimed at solidifying the loyalty of your clinical teams. Contact us to learn how our physician recruitment experts can transform your search method to an in-house, cost-saving engine that attracts the right physician the first time and retains them for years to come!

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