Board Education

Board Evaluation & Education

The governing board is responsible for the strategic plan and vision of the hospital including fiduciary duties, CEO evaluation, and ensuring the best quality of care for its patients.

COORS Services for Hospital Boards:

  • Unbiased, independent evaluation of the board including a comprehensive review & analysis
  • Board Retreats from facilitation to complete organization of the event
  • Education of contemporary issues facing boards
  • SWOT Analysis—Strengths, Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats
  • Evaluation of board effectiveness by using various evaluation tools

CEO Evaluation & Succession Planning

COORS works in collaboration with the board of directors to develop a process that will evaluate the CEO’s performance and establish a method for measuring leadership effectiveness.

COORS works with boards and CEOs to establish a succession plan process for when a key executive’s departure is planned, but it all the more critically important when an executive leaves unexpectedly.

Strategic & Operational Planning

  1. Establish strategic and operational planning process in a contemporary fashion and in concert with the Administration and the board in the form of a useful, multi-purpose, living document not primarily for the satisfying of external requirements.
  2. Budget development Meeting the financial needs of any organization will ensure its long term viability. By establishing a successful strategy, in addition to a budget that meets the salary, non-salary, and capital needs of the organization needs to be well projected and thought out; in addition, to monitoring key variances to normalize by year end.
  3. Service line development and expansion; in addition to maintaining the facility and the current equipment to be “state of the art” needs to be effectively evaluated and planned for when developing budgets.

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