5 Lessons in Customer Service

Especially in the past year, hospitals have seen a monumental increase in focus on customer service. At Grady Memorial Hospital, “an urban safety-net academic facility in Atlanta,” a program has been devised to focus explicitly on customer service called the Customer Service Initiative (CSI)

The Biggest Problems Facing Hospital Boards

If you’ve ever served, or are currently serving, on the board of a hospital, then you’re already familiar with several of the challenges facing board members. Problems are unavoidable, but, especially during these times of funding cuts, increasing restrictions, and evolving models of care, how we deal with these problems is critical

Release of Medicare Payment Data

On April 8, 2014, the Center for Medicare Services (CMS) released the 2012 Medicare payment data to 880,000 doctors. This was the culmination of 25 years of legal battles by the AMA against CMS, which started in 1979 when an injunction was placed by the courts against the public release of this information

The Role of Women Leaders in Healthcare

As a company who’s CEO and founder, Cheryl Coors, is a woman, this topic is of special importance to us. Cheryl started her career in nursing and working in physician practices and exemplifies the qualities of a woman executive. She is a strong woman leader who dedicated herself to growing a business in a field she believed in–building relationships and growing teams to improve the world of healthcare. In fact, she grew the business on her own for several years

Healthcare Fraud Investigation

Not a week goes by without reading a news story of potential/admitted fraud and abuse being investigated by one of the many arms of the government- OIG; DOJ; CMS (Medicare Trust Fund Strike Force)- as well as Whistleblower suits, etc…

How Important Is Emotional Intelligence?

When it comes to working in healthcare, certain skillsets necessary for physicians are more obvious than others. For instance, physicians must have an ample understanding of health, diagnosis, and appropriate patient treatment, as well as the abilities to lead, work as a team, and communicate

The Future of Primary Care

The article examines a recent American Hospital Association convention, where healthcare officials took a look at the changing functions of primary care physicians.  Just as the healthcare system is evolving, so is the role of its physicians.  Whereas skill and experience were once enough to deem a physician suitable for the job, the abilities to lead and manage relationships are becoming more and more important

SGR- The Doc Fix: Kicking the Can Once Again

On December 18, 2013, the Senate approved the House-passed budget agreement that extended the current Medicare physician payment levels through March 2014, averting a 23.7% payment cut to docs on January 1st.

Does this sound familiar to you? Do you feel like Bill Murray in his film “Groundhog Day”? Do you wonder how long Congress and the President can continue to kick the SGR fix down the road? I have found that many doctors don’t understand what SGR means than it is like a guillotine held over their heads as part of a yearly ritual of frustration.

Tips for Battling Post-Holiday Stress

The New Year is here, and although it’s full of love, laughter, and cheer, it also can be full of stress and anxiety!  In between fighting through crowds at the gym, cleaning up the last of your holiday decorations, and wondering what ever happened tothat holiday budget that once seemed so reasonable, you’re working, which can cause its own variety of stress