How to Find Passionate People

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and everyone’s talking about love and passion. At Coors Healthcare Solutions, we’re talking about those things, too…especially when it comes to finding people who love their jobs and are passionate about what they do.

Hiring people who love their jobs and are passionate about what they do starts from Day 1: in the interview.

Error Investigations Under a Just Culture

Over the past few months, we’ve been talking about just culture this and just culture that. We’ve told you what it is, why you need it and who should implement it. But one of the things we haven’t touched on is what you can expect from a just culture, especially when you’re conducting an error investigation.

Even with a just culture, a simple error investigation isn’t always so simple; it’s not always as cut and dry as figuring out what happened and responding. Error investigations under a just culture will require a group of insightful leaders who can look beyond their normal bias to understand the error, respond appropriately, and move forward, stronger than before.

If you’ve already implemented a just culture and are preparing for your first error investigation, here are a few things to keep in mind.

5 Times You Need Interim Support

So you think you need interims.
Interim leadership is our bread and butter—it’s something that we know a lot about!—and our interim professionals are impact candidates, with experience in all facets of healthcare.

The truth is, not every lapse in leadership demands interim support. For instance, if the position will be easy to fill, you might not need an interim leader; if finding a permanent replacement is going to take some time, however, interims might just be the answer.

5 Qualities of A Great Boss

It might take a village to carry an organization, but it only takes one weak leader to bring the entire thing crumbling down.

Think back. Regardless of where you are in your career, by now you’ve probably experienced bosses who have changed you for the better, as well as those who have, well, made life seem worse for the wear.

But today, we want to talk about those bosses that change you for the better. Maybe you have one, maybe you are one, and maybe you’re trying to learn how to be one. Great bosses are those who can see untapped potential in employees, even when they can’t see it themselves. Great bosses know that actions speak louder than words, but that both are important for inspiring trust and motivation among their employees. And most importantly, great bosses are believers. They believe in people, especially the people on their teams, and it’s this driving belief that makes them good leaders in every area of their work.

Here are 5 more qualities every great boss has: