10 Questions to Ask to Improve Employee Retention

You run a successful healthcare organization.

Patients are happy, teams are happy, and the employee retention rate has never been better.

Sound too good to be true? That’s because, for many of you, it probably is. Let’s just be honest. For most of us, the above vision might not be reality just yet, and you might be discovering that an improved employee retention rate is more difficult to achieve than it sounds.

Difficult? Yes. Crucial? Absolutely. Easy? Well, maybe not.

3 Ways to Lead Employees to Their Full Potential

“Good morning!”

“Good morning!”

“How are you?”

“Great, and you?”

“Can’t complain!”

This employer/employee interaction is probably familiar to you. As a busy leader and executive, it can be easier to have these quick conversations with your employees, before isolating yourself to your office for the rest of the day, while your employees do the same.