5 Trends for High-Level Recruitment in 2016

Although others are suffering, when it comes to job growth, the healthcare industry seems to be booming by comparison. In fact, the healthcare industry is projected to grow at a 26.5% rate from 2012-2022, while other industries are stuck at a slower projected rate of 8.9%.

That said, most of the jobs and growth will occur outside of the hospitals, which means it’s up to organization leaders and staffing experts to find the best way to take advantage of the healthcare growth wave as it comes.

Here are a few of the staffing trends expected to occur in healthcare in 2016

3 Tips for Developing Leaders

Although most of our physicians are taught and prepared to be great doctors, when it comes to figuring out how to be great leaders, they’re left on their own. This mean’s it’s up to healthcare organizations to help physicians hone in on, develop and improve their leadership capabilities.

In addition to investing in new technology and other innovations, healthcare organizations should also be investing in nurturing physician leadership capabilities.

Here are a few tips