Rural Healthcare Systems Are “Economic Anchors”

Although many rural communities have lost some of the energy of years past, their economy has yet to suffer, thanks to rural healthcare systems. According to a recent article in The New York Times (original article), hospitals have become “economic anchors” for these rural areas, forming a sort of “oases of economic stability across the nation’s heartland.”

4 Tips for Being A Better Strategist

In this day and age, the key to a successful strategy is to keep it specific, with measurable goals and clear milestones. If you’re like other healthcare organizations and leaders, you’ve probably gotten away without this kind of precise strategy for years, and you’ve likely even been successful without it. As you’ve undoubtedly noticed in healthcare costs, policies, and care models, however, times are changing in healthcare, and the organizations without strong strategies are facing new and unforeseen challenges, while those with strategies continue to persevere.