Culture Trumps Strategy for Performance

We have heard it said many times that culture is everything to organizational performance. Even so, many organizational leaders still struggle with the behavior competencies that seem vague, fuzzy, and soft yet so vital to the financial and productive prosperity necessary to sustain the organization. Behaviors are the building blocks of the culture. When behavior changes are expressed in terms of the work people do, their mental scripting, expressed in terms of how people are affected by their behavior, it is much easier for people to understand the need for behavior changes and why they are necessary to drive performance excellence and serve the legitimate needs of clients and coworkers as people.

3 Challenges of Gender Discrimination

Making advancements in your professional career is inarguably a challenge for everyone, and as a woman-owned business, we have a particular understanding of one of the most common challenges facing women in today’s workplace: gender discrimination.

Three challenges of gender discrimination are