Leveraging Your Leadership: Tips to Guiding a New Team

Whether the loss of a previous team leader was expected or not, joining a new team as a leader requires great sensitivity, in addition to experience and ability. Although it will require the utmost understanding and professionalism, entering a team as a new leader is a fantastic opportunity for you to offer a fresh perspective on healthcare and innovative thoughts on team management. Interim managers have the unique ability to improve a team’s productivity, while also raising morale and boosting internal communication.

Physicians and Hospitals are Aligned: Now What?

Physician alignment is the catchword in the healthcare industry, and for years, medical practices have been working to integrate the principles of physician alignment into their hospitals. Now that hospitals and doctors are on board with physician alignment, the real work begins, leaving healthcare representatives asking, “What next?”

In order to ensure that physician alignment is successful, healthcare officials, like those at Coors Healthcare Solutions, have taken a forward-thinking approach, which means asking the right questions now to provide effective answers for the future.