7 Common Mistakes Hospitals Make in Their Strategic Plans

Written by Sabrina Rodak

Strategic plans that align everyone under the same mission, vision and values are critical for hospitals to succeed in today’s challenging healthcare environment. Strategic plans help hospitals prioritize their goals and rally everyone’s efforts toward reaching specific outcomes. Many hospitals, however, fail to create a strong strategic plan that unifies the organization. Akram Boutros, MD, founder and president of BusinessFirst Healthcare Solutions, describes seven common mistakes hospitals make when developing a strategic plan.

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5 Steps to Gaining Buy-in for a Hospital’s Vision

Written by Molly Gamble

Effectively sharing and gaining buy-in to the organization’s vision is a critical responsibility of a hospital CEO. Organizing efforts around a shared vision helps unite everyone around common goals and prevents disengagement, which can lead to subpar care. Jackie Larson, vice president of client services at healthcare labor management consulting and technology company Avantas, shares five steps to communicate and garner support for hospital leaders’ vision.

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